What is the agency service?

Exclusive to our premium members you can apply to have assistance getting to specific competitions abroad of your choosing. Some of the best experiences athletes have is getting to compete abroad and we look to do our best to facilitate just that for you!

It’s no secret that many personal bests come from competitions outside of their home country! We take each application on a case-by-case basis looking to help athletes wherever we can, recommending alternative options as well if your preferred competition is infeasible. Our main objective is to facilitate opportunities to give you the best chance to come away with a new personal best!

TUDO does not take cuts of prize money


Step 1

Firstly you fill out an application form stating what competitions you’d like to compete in. Paying the fee of £45. If we believe we can help you out then we will progress to step 2.

Step 2

We then approach the meeting organiser directly to try and get you into the competition you want and if possible get travel and accommodation covered.

Step 3

Once we hear back from the meeting organisers we will then notify you of whether your application was successful or not. If successful and you wish to take the opportunity then you will progress to step 4. Otherwise you will be REFUNDED your initial payment.

Step 4

We will then provide you with the best and most affordable travel routes as well as the recommended accommodation options. We will also provide all information about the competition we have on hand at the time.

Step 5

The day before competition we will look to send you as much information as possible such as weather reports, timetable and start-lists where available.


Fantastic! We would love to do our best to help you out and get you to a competition abroad! If you have already identified a competition then go ahead and click the Apply button below.


We recommend that you have a read of our “Categorisation of Competitions Explained” page before applying!


If you are in need of recommendations then you can reach out to us via info@tudosport.com, and we’ll endeavour to get back to you ASAP.