What is the performaNce tool?

The Performance Tool takes in athlete performance data (results in competitions) within multiple seasons in their career and provides analytics, estimations and targeting all presented in a beautiful presented graphical format. With the World Athletics world rankings system also becoming an increasingly important factor in qualification for major championships, the performance tool also acts as a calculator for points so athletes can see what their world ranking score currently is and what performances may be required in order to increase their world, regional and national rank.

world athletics ranking score

The Performance Tool will automatically convert performances submitted by the athlete into a performance score to provide the athlete with their ranking score for each season they submit data for. This feature will prove to be extremely beneficial for any top athlete who’s trying to qualify for major championships. Using this information the athlete can also see what the equivalent of their performance is in other events, for comparison’s sake.

target setting

The Performance Tool allows the user to put in there current performance and then look to set a target and the number of years in which they wish to reach that target. The Target Planner will then estimate based on athlete data and typical progression profiles what the athlete will need to hit year on year to be on track to hit their target!

Graphical analytics & statistics

The Performance Tool will show graphical analytics in a well presented format for the following:

Career Analytics
– Season’s Bests over time.
– Max. WA placing scores
– Average WA category of competitions.
– Best WA performances.
– Highest WA placing scores.
– Highest WA category competitions.
– Top 10 best performing locations.
– Wind corrected performances.
Season Analytics
– No. of performances.
– Avg. performance.
– Consistency (Avg – SB).
– WA Ranking score.
– Avg. WA Performance score.
– Avg. WA Result score.
– Max. WA performance score.
– Avg. WA placing score (in finals)

performance submission

To make the performance tool as easy and intuitive to use as possible we added a smart search meeting system where for the competitions recognised on our database you can easily find via smart search. Just simply start typing the name and suggestions come up.

wind correction & performance scores

Find out what roughly your performance may have been like without the influence of the wind! And make use of the performance score calculator to compare your performances in your event to your friends performances in their event.