Categorisation system

As of the last few years World Athletics have begun categorising all competitions using a new system. This system was developed primarily for its use in the World Rankings system. It ranks all competitions in the world across 10 different categories: OW, DF, GW, GL, A, B, C, D, E & F.

99% of all competitions in the world are F class but if your ambition is to climb the world rankings then it is important to compete and understand the system for the higher categorised competitions. If competing in higher class competitions interests you, then the TUDO Agency Service is something you definitely need to check out.


Here are some examples of the competitions within each classification:


OW (360-185)

  • Olympic Games
  • World Athletics Championships

GW (200-100)

  • World Athletics Indoor Championships
  • Diamond League Meetings (DL disciplines only)

DF (240-125)

Diamond League Finals

GL (170-80)

Senior Outdoor Championships

A (140-60)

  • Continental Tour Gold Meetings
  • Major Games
  • Indoor Tour Gold Meetings
  • Area Senior Indoor Championships

B (100-40)

  • Continental Tour Silver Meetings
  • National Championships
  • Tier 1 Regional Games & Championships
  • Area Second Tier Championships

C (60-25)

  • Continental Tour Bronze Meetings
  • Indoor Tour Silver Meetings
  • World Athletics U20 Championships
  • Area Third Tier Championships
  • Tier 2 Regional Games & Championships

D (40-15)

  • Area Permit Meeting
  • National Indoor Championships
  • Tier 3 Regional Games & Championships
  • Indoor Tour Bronze Meetings
  • Area Permit Indoor Meetings
  • Area Fourth Tier Championships
  • Traditional International Meetings

E (25-0)

  • International Matches
  • Designated National Permit Meetings
  • NCAA Div. I Indoor Championships
  • Area U18 Championships
  • European Youth Olympic Festival

F (15-0)

National Permit Meetings / All Other Competitions

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Why it is important!

The points you get added onto placing score for your world rankings vary depending on the classification of the competition you compete at. The higher the classification, the more points on offer! You can see the point ranges above for placing 1st to 8th. As you can see there is a considerable difference as you go up to the higher classifications. Coming last in a D class competition alone is the same as winning an F class competition! World Rankings are now one of the key metrics to get into elite meetings and also crucially major championships. Check out the World Rankings Explained page for more on how the world rankings work.

World Rankings explained


Naturally the higher the classification of the competition the tougher it is to get a spot on the start-list. These standards on the right are a rough estimate of the level typically required to get a funded invitation to compete. (OBTAINING THESE STANDARDS IS BY NO MEANS A GUARANTEE). If you are at an estimated level C or higher, then check out our Tudo Elite page, it may be the perfect opportunity for you!