E1: Is Athletics in a Good Place?

In the debut episode, Miguel and Dajon discuss what Tudo Sport is all about and go on to evaluate the current state of athletics drawing upon the contrasting experiences from Jamaica and the UK. Is athletics in a good place? If not why is it that it is struggling and what are some of the ways it could be repaired.

Is the structuring of competitions the major issue plaguing world athletics? Could the Formula 1 model work and look to reinvigorate the sport. Dajon demonstrates the strength of interest in the sport coming from the Caribbean. If it is possible that there is so much passion for the sport in one country then what lessons can we learn from the success of the sport in those nations and apply the positives across to global athletics.

As a current result of a decaying interest in the sport companies are finding it increasingly difficult to justify plugging money back into the sport. If nothing is changed the athletes will continue to struggle to justify the sacrifice both from a monetary and time perspective in order to carry on doing a sport with little reward in return.

A common theme throughout the podcast is the importance of narrative, listen in to here the discussion on why ultimately the sport will continue to remain where it is, or continue to decay unless narrative is able to be integrated in some regard into the sport. Both Miguel and Dajon hold strong positivity that the sport has considerable potential and all it needs is to be re-directed in order to thrive and regain its popularity and interest.

Join us by listening in to our very first podcast with many more hard hitting topics and with a wide array of guests soon to come!